At Cicero Consulting Group, we believe that success in any industry requires a tailored approach. Our client service utilizes our extensive knowledge and deep understanding of industries on a global scale to develop targeted strategies that meet your business needs.


Our management team works directly with clients to effectively achieve competitive advantages and become high-performance businesses. Our people will work to not only support your goals but also challenge your company to achieve a new level of results. Cicero also prides itself on its access to industry leaders who are available to serve as experts across business platforms.


Our managing members have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Having built, and sold, successful business spanning various industries, Cicero Consulting was built from not only our expertise in, but also our passion for, helping other companies achieve the same level of success.

Throughout our history…

we have expanded our investment management capabilities, always maintaining our commitment
to our disciplined investment style while emphasizing long-term risk-adjusted performance.